Legal presentations and Webinars

Community organizations: take advantage of online justice education presentations and webinars. Simple, free and accessible legal presentations!

Our goals:

  • To inform and empower the Ontario public about their legal rights and obligations.

  • Give general explanations of the law to understand certain legal issues
  • Provide the public with practical resources and lists of organizations to contact.

Cost: free of charge

Audience: your stakeholders who work with the public or your customers directly.

Language: French, English or bilingual

Possible topics:

  • Employment and Labour: Hiring, termination, employment standards, etc.
  • Family: Alimony, custody and access, divorce, etc.
  • Immigration and Refugees: Living, working, studying in Ontario, etc.
  • Civil Litigation: Lawsuits over $35,000
  • Small claims: Lawsuits up to $35,000
  • Landlord and tenant: Lease, eviction, repairs, etc.
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney: Death, inheritance, beneficiaries, etc.


And any other legal subject that suits your needs!

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