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Ottawa, October 9, 2018 

The Ottawa Legal Information Centre will now be known as the Ontario Legal Information Centre. The Centre, which has been offering free services province-wide for several years, is changing its name to better reflect its geographical span.

Whether located in Toronto, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Cornwall, or anywhere in between, any person facing a legal issue in Ontario can use the Centre’s services. There are no admissibility criteria. With its new name, the Centre hopes to reach more people.

Access to the Centre’s services was improved in 2016 with the introduction of the toll-free phone line, which allows any resident of Ontario to reach the Centre free of charge by dialing 1-844-343-7462.


More than 7,600 people helped since grand opening

The Centre’s lawyers witness the ever-growing need for access to legal information daily, specifically due to the number of people who do not have legal representation. The Centre has helped over 7,600 people in both official languages since opening in January 2015. 

The number of visits at the Centre has also increased. In 2017-2018, the Centre helped 2,840 people in person or by phone – a 56% increase compared to the previous year.


A better website for better results

The Ontario Legal Information Centre’s website was recently revamped to better inform its users. “We wanted better explain our services and make the Centre even more accessible to people who are wondering about a meeting or if they can get help in a specific area of law”, explains Alexandra Waite, Assistant Director General of the Ontario Legal Information Centre. The Centre’s lawyers offer legal information in all areas of law – from family law to wills and estates, employment law to litigation, or immigration law to small claims, to name but a few.

The Centre offers a free 30-minute meeting with a lawyer to anyone facing a legal issue. The lawyer provides legal information and steers Ontarians toward the appropriate local and provincial resources. Information, referral and support services are offered in English and in French, in person or by telephone, on a confidential basis.

The Ottawa Legal Information Centre is an initiative of the Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario (AJEFO). The AJEFO would like to thank the Department of Justice Canada for its financial support by means of the Action Plan for Official Languages – 2018-2023: Investing in Our Future. The AJEFO also acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.


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Ottawa, January 15, 2018 – On the occasion of its three years of existence, the Ontario Legal Information Centre (the Centre) has provided legal information and referral services in both official languages to over 5,400 Ontarians. The Centre welcomes these positive results, as the pilot project under which the Centre was created is just a few months away from expiring. These results also demonstrate that the Centre meets an urgent need in Ontario for these services to be offered permanently. Open to the public since January 15th, 2015, the Centre is the first of its kind in Ontario, and the only one offering legal information services in every area of law and with no admissibility criteria.

The Centre has received an ever-increasing number of service requests since its inception. While the Centre served 1,632 individuals in 2016, it served 51% more individuals in 2017. Factors that have played a vital role in reaching such impressive results include partner referrals to the Centre, communication efforts, word of mouth, the Centre’s newly implemented toll-free telephone line 1‑844‑343‑7462 and the affidavit and notary services. In fact, the Centre is now at full capacity several times per week.

Ottawa, September 6, 2016 – The Ontario Legal Information Centre (the Centre) is proud to announce that it has processed over 2,000 service requests for legal information since opening in January 2015. These promising results come almost halfway through the four-year pilot project and demonstrate that the Centre meets a real need in Ontario.

The Centre has received an increasing number of service requests since it opened, even more so since the beginning of the year. Between January and July 2016, the Centre held 40% more meetings compared to the same period of time the previous year.

These statistics are a result of the Centre becoming better known and reflect the importance of offering clear and comprehensible legal information services to ensure access to justice, particularly for vulnerable members of society (in 2015-2016, 58% of the Centre’s clients had an income of less than $30,000 and 86% did not have legal representation).

Ottawa, October 17, 2016 – The Ontario Legal Information Centre (the Centre) is proud to officially inaugurate a new toll-free call line available to all Ontario residents. With this new toll-free line, the Centre hopes to improve access to legal information services in both official languages, thereby meeting a real province-wide need. 

Members of the public can now dial 1-844-343-7462 toll-free for a 30-minute meeting with a lawyer regarding any field of law. With this new service, the Centre hopes to expand its public outreach and improve access to justice, regardless of one’s income.

While most of the Centre’s visitors since its opening in January 2015 have been Ottawa residents, 16% of individuals who consulted a lawyer were from out of town. Furthermore, 47% of these meetings were done by telephone, which demonstrates the importance of this method of communication to improve access to our services.

Ottawa, January 21, 2016 – About a hundred partners were gathered this evening to celebrate the first anniversary of the Ottawa Legal Information Centre (the Centre).

Open to the public since January 15, 2015, the Centre offers all Ontarians a free 30-minute meeting with a lawyer, whether in person or on the phone, in English or in French, and on a strictly confidential basis. The Centre provides citizens information that allows them to understand the legal issues they are faced with, make informed decisions and navigate the justice system.

The Centre, a four-year pilot project, has already proved its worth. In its first year, it has processed more than 1,130 service requests, most of them from low-income citizens (less than $30,000). Furthermore, 95% of those citizens weren’t represented by a lawyer.