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A legal problem? Get help! Book a free appointment with one of our lawyers to obtain legal information.

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Our Team Can Help You

  • We can offer you a personalized virtual meetings of 30 minutes with a lawyer, without any eligibility criteria; 
  • We can provide you with legal information such as general explanations of the law and its various legal subjects, both at the federal level and in Ontario; 
  • We can tell you what are the appropriate legal forms and explain the legal procedure; and
  • We can provide you with resources and tools to assist you and refer you to community partner organizations, as needed.
  • We do not provide legal advice or legal assistance;
  • We cannot apply the law to your specific situation, advise you on what actions to take, inform you of your chances of success or review your legal documents; and
  • Our Centre does not replace the services of a lawyer or paralegal.

Illustration of a Meeting

During your free 30-minute meeting, you are looking for information on how to bring an application before the family court. 

The lawyer from our Centre will answer your questions about child support, decision-making responsibility and parenting time. They will explain the procedure for bringing an application before the family court as well as what are the necessary legal forms to fill out. They may share useful resources tailored to your situation to help further your knowledge. 

However, they will not advise you on your chances of success or strategy, fill out the forms on your behalf nor will they represent you in court. 

Confidentiality and Statistical Data

Our Centre is a non-profit initiative made possible through funding from the Department of Justice of Canada and the Law Foundation of Ontario.

In order to continue receiving funding and thus provide its services free of charge to the population of Ontario, our Centre must disclose some statistical data to its funders. It is important to note that all data collected by our Centre is completely depersonalized before being shared, and the legal information related to your case (for instance – facts or legal questions) remain entirely confidential. An example of data that could be shared is “of the individuals using our services, 55% are women and 15% are from Northern Ontario.”

​Pursuant to the above, to have a free 30-minute appointment with a lawyer of our Centre, you will need to complete our short and simple intake form which will be sent to you prior to your appointment. This form is required to have access to our services.

We thank you for your valuable cooperation, which ensures that our services remain available to every person in need of Ontario, entirely free of charge.